A refreshing new way of
selling and buying hotels

You've worked hard to create your hotel make that hard work a reality. Let us help you with the next chapter of your life.



There is a better way to sell your hotel. A way that maximises value, releases hidden potential, and maintains and builds management team morale. That isn’t disruptive. That is discreet. That makes it easier for buyers to purchase and secure finance. The Ingentian Way.

  • An empathetic approach to assessing your goals and aspirations
  • Proper operational and financial analysis that helps you determine a realistic sales price for your property
  • Financially stages the hotel for sale; creating short-term improved profitability translating to a higher realised value
  • A belief that discretion and confidentiality create better more productive sales
  • We understand that selling a hotel is personal and emotional and we work alongside you to achieve your goals


You have worked hard to make your a hotel a success. The time has come to think about your future. Perhaps it is retirement, maybe a new direction within or outside hospitality. Whatever the reason the Ingentian Team work with you directly.

The current way to sell a hotel

The agent meets you, then over-values your property, takes your money, puts you on a website and then you wait to see what happens.

The Ingentian way

Imagine a hotel expert, who has owned their own hotel meets you, discusses your goals and aspirations, assesses the possibilities, looking for a hidden way.

We take a different approach to selling a hotel.

We believe this all-important transaction is better handled discreetly.

Maximised Value

Discreet & Confidential

Personal & Empathetic

Tailored Approach


The greatest inhibitor of hotel property sales is under-valuation based on historic trading. Ingentian has developed a proven programme to aggressively stage your hotel prior and during the sale to improve it’s profitability by working directly with your management team. Over the last 20 years these principles have been successfully deployed at nearly 1000 UK and Irish hotels.


Listen, Understand, Analyse and Evaluate - We take the time to learn about you and your needs, to understand your hotel, your team, and your market and will help you draw up your plan to sell and exit.


Maximise your value - Work with you and your team directly to immediately improve bottom line profitability to maximise value and improve your chances to getting the best possible price for your hotel


Find a buyer discreetly - Identify the buyer profile for your hotel and then use our national network of both private as well as institutional contacts to make personal contact and set-up appointments to see and evaluate your hotel.


Ingentian is the coming together of some fairly formidable industry minds. With many years of industry experience, this powerful group includes former and current hotel owners, experts in the areas of hotel property and real estate and directors of leisure industry consultancy businesses

Every aspect of hotel management from financial, operations, and marketing is brought to the table when discussing selling your hotel. What you get when you deal with Ingentian is something unusual, an obsession with understanding your business, how it got you here and where you want to go.

Think of it as hoteliers for hoteliers working with you to make the sale of your hotel successful.